about PCR SHOP

Who We Are

The PCR Shop is the store front of Pharmozyme, founded in 2013 by former researchers from the Stanford Genome center. Founder Dr. Nourizad, A pioneer in Pyrosequencing and protein engineering, believed the market was in desperate need of high quality and truly pure enzymes. Pharmozyme has since developed proprietary technology to produce the world’s purest enzymes, introducing the world’s first Taq Polymerase free from bacterial and animal DNA contamination. In the coming future Pharmozyme will be releasing additional contamination-free products supporting new technologies in sequencing and DNA research. Its future path will include the production of highly accurate and sensitive kits for Medical Diagnostics, Veterinary Medicine, Agriculture, Food-Pathogens, Water Treatment, Forensics, Bioterrorism and Manufacturing-Quality Assurance. Pharmozyme will also continue to seek ways to give back to both the scientific and world community through periodic events, promotions, and donations.

Our Mission

Pharmozyme’s mission is to significantly improve the lives of human beings through the development of novel, effective, and accessible solutions for the biotech community. By providing the highest quality enzymes and customer service, we strive to help genetic research and diagnostic labs thrive.
We are a new Avant-Garde Genetic Sequencing Chemistry Lab from Stanford Genome Technology Center with a distinct focus on Social Health. We are gaining momentum and are determined to further lead the market through the introduction of a variety of products designed around its clean protein production platform, like Crystal Taq. – Dr. Nourizad, CEO